About Australia ICOMOS

Australia ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites) is a non-government, not-for-profit organisation of cultural heritage professionals formed as a national committee of ICOMOS in 1976. Australia ICOMOS’ mission is to lead cultural heritage conservation in Australia by raising standards, encouraging debate and generating innovative ideas. Australia ICOMOS has a Mission StatementEthical Principles and a Code of Ethics.

Australia ICOMOS is also bound by the ICOMOS Statutes (these are the Statutes set by ICOMOS International). Nationally, Australia ICOMOS is bound by the Australia ICOMOS Rules 2013.

The strategic priorities for Australia ICOMOS are:

  1. Advance and promote national standards and best practice
  2. Engage with contemporary issues in cultural heritage
  3. Be an influential voice to government
  4. Enhance recognition of Australia ICOMOS
  5. Empower a diverse membership

Australia ICOMOS acts as a national and international link between public authorities, institutions and individuals involved in the study and conservation of all places of cultural significance. Nationally, Australia ICOMOS regularly undertakes the following activities:

  • Organises annual conferences, seminars and workshops for cultural heritage professionals and students
  • Prepares submissions on cultural heritage legislation and/or guideline reviews
  • Lobbies government on national heritage issues such as funding, legislation, site protection, listing and protocol
  • Provides expert advice to government and non-government working groups
  • Currently supports an Australian member of the ICOMOS International Executive Committee whose representation is vital to maintain strong international links, relationships and knowledge of the larger ICOMOS body

The Australia ICOMOS membership currently consists of over 600 members (full members, young professionals, associates and institutions) and is managed by an Executive Committee of 15 members, elected from the membership every two years. The Executive Committee is responsible for contributing to national programs and participating in decisions of ICOMOS as an international organisation. Our members participate in a range of conservation activities including site visits, training, conferences and meetings organised at the national or state level.

Internationally, a number of members represent Australia ICOMOS on various ICOMOS International Scientific Committees, as well as on expert committees and boards in Australia. Currently, Australia ICOMOS also has an elected member of the Executive Committee of ICOMOS and many members attend the triennial General Assembly.

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