Diaspora Events

The GA2023 Diaspora program is proudly supported by the sponsorship of  Conservation Studio. 

Australia is home to numerous communities with global roots, all of whom arrived under different circumstances but continue to sustain living cultural identities as rich parts of Australian society.

The ‘Diaspora’ program in GA2023 explores the cultural heritage of these Australian communities. A series of celebratory events have been created as collaborations between community members in Australia and ICOMOS members from the ‘home’ nations. These provide a backdrop for a session in the GA Scientific Symposium that will examine how this heritage can be better nourished and managed in modern Australia.

GA2023 delegates can register to attend these events via the online conference registration form.  To add these events to an existing booking, please click the link in your confirmation email to access your online account and edit your existing booking to add these in.  

If you are not attending the GA2023 as a delegate, but wish to attend these events, you can register via the online form here:

Diaspora Events

A Celebration of Transcultural identity and roots by the Australian- Indian Diaspora

Monday, 4th September, 2023 – Meet at 7pm

Hosted by: Australia ICOMOS

Venue: The Sydney Harbour YHA The Rocks – Rooftop Terrace (and/or Big Dig Education Centre)

Price: A$25 per person

Catering provided

Australia ICOMOS and ICOMOS India are pleased to invite you to attend the Indian Diaspora Event, which will be held during GA2023 on Monday, 4 September 2023, at The Sydney Harbour YHA – The Rocks. This event, which is one of the four proposed diaspora events, will highlight and celebrate Indian Diasporic Cultural Heritage in Australia and give GA2023 delegates an opportunity to experience Indian culture within a local Australian setting. The event will involve canapes on the rooftop terrace and cultural performances by Australian-Indian collaborators/artists presenting a custom piece(s) exploring Australian-Indian identity and what it means to be an Australian-Indian performing artist.

Many Islands, one purpose – Celebrating Australian-Pacific culture

Many Islands, one purpose – Celebrating Australian – Pacific Culture

Tuesday 5 September 2023, 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Hosted by: Australia ICOMOS, ICOMOS New Zealand and ICOMOS Pasifika

Venue: Australian Museum, Hintze Hall

Catering Provided 

Price: A$25 per person

Covering a third of the planet, and geographically our closest neighbours, the richness and vibrancy of the Pacific cultures have strongly imprinted into Australia’s own unique and diverse cultural identity.  Australia ICOMOS, in partnership with ICOMOS Pacific and ICOMOS NZ would like to invite you to a celebration of Pacific culture in Australia!

Join us in a celebration of tangible and intangible Pacific heritage. Immerse yourself in the sounds, movements and stories of Pacific communities sustaining and sharing their living culture in Australia.

Chinese Diasporic Cultural Evening

Wednesday 6th September – Meet at 6.30pm  

Hosted by: Australia ICOMOS

Venue: Chinese Garden of Friendship, Pier Street, Cnr Harbour St, Darling Harbour NSW 2000

Catering Provided 

Price: A$20 per person

Discover the rich tapestry of Chinese culture at the Chinese Diasporic Cultural Evening, presented by Australia ICOMOS. Join us on 6th September at 6.30pm in the serene Chinese Garden of Friendship and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Chinese opera and learn about the transnational repatriation of Chinese emigrants after death through an insightful talk. Finish the evening with tasty Chinese-Australian nibbles and drinks at Chinatown. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to enrich your conference experience!

WAVES OF GREEN LIGHT/TONNTA NA FARRAIGE GLAS - a concert performance celebrating Irish cultural heritage in Australia.

Thursday 7th September  

Hosted by: Ireland ICOMOS
Time: 18:00 – 20:00

Venue: Billich Gallery, Old Sailors Home,
106 George Street, The Rocks, Sydney 20000

Catering Provided 

Price: A$20 per person

ICOMOS Ireland, with the Irish diaspora in Sydney, will present WAVES OF GREEN LIGHT/TONNTA NA FARRAIGE GLAS a passionate and engaging representation of the Irish cultural contribution to Australia and bring the best of their contemporary and traditional cultural heritage to the attention of a global audience. The informal, convivial evening will showcase some of the wealth of music, song, poetry and material cultural heritage unique to Australian-Irish identity.