GA2023 Book of Abstracts

The ICOMOS GA2023 Scientific Symposium Book of Abstracts was prepared by Dr Ona Vileikis and Dr Steve Brown, and can be accessed and downloaded as a PDF below.

The Book of Abstracts contains only those abstracts for presentations made in-person at the GA2023 Scientific Symposium. The abstracts are presented as submitted to the GA2023 Abstract Submission Portal, including any changes made to those abstracts up until mid-August 2023. They are listed chronologically in the order in which each abstract was submitted to the abstract portal. The abstracts are published in the languages (English, French, Spanish) that they were submitted. The simplest way to find particular abstracts, authors, or topics in this volume is to use the search function.

The views expressed in this volume do not necessarily reflect those of ICOMOS or other participating organisations.

GA2023 expresses sincere thanks to all those authors who submitted an abstract for a session, paper, or poster to the GA2023 Scientific Symposium. We acknowledge the thinking, collaboration, and work that went into preparing each and every abstract submitted.