Scientific Symposium Key Dates / Overview

The GA2023 Scientific Symposium will be held from 4 to 8 September 2023 at the International Convention Centre, Sydney and associated venues. The Scientific Symposium offers a major research, information sharing, training and capacity-building opportunity for delegates, who will be able to present and attend papers, seminars, workshops, site visits and other sessions. Importantly, the Scientific Symposium will provide a significant platform for peer to peer exchanges, instigation of mentoring relationships and showcasing best practice methods. The opportunities for inquiry and learning will be available and accessible from the most senior levels, through participation by outstanding keynote speakers, to community members and entry-level practitioners, who are engaging with international colleagues for the first time.

Key Dates

1 July 2022 Abstract online submission site opens
30 September 2022 Deadline to submit an abstract to system
10 March 2023 Authors notified of abstract submission outcome
31 May 2023 Author registration deadline*

Presenters and session organisers MUST register for the GA2023 by this date to confirm attendance. Presenters/session organisers who have not registered by this date will have their proposals removed from the Scientific Symposium program.

Symposium Overview

The overarching theme for the GA2023 Scientific Symposium is ‘Heritage Changes’.

The GA2023 theme seeks to examine the tumultuous changes taking place in the first years of the 2020s. Climate emergencies, conflict, COVID-19, lockdowns, closed borders, virtual meetings, and the Black Lives Matter movement have profoundly altered the ways in which the world is experienced. What has been the role of heritage in these events? What is changing in the field of heritage and what needs to change? What does heritage change – for example, in civil society, the environment, the economy, and in politics? And, in what ways is heritage a force for change and integral to creating a sustainable future?

GA2023 Scientific Symposium program will be available here in March 2023. The next update to the program will be late June 2023.