Patron PR and Media Kit 

Welcome to the GA2020 Patron PR and Media Kit!
Thank you for your support of the ICOMOS 20th General Assembly and Scientific Symposium (GA2020).

The marketing resources provided below have been developed to assist you in receiving the most from your collaboration with GA2020. Please use these materials at your own discretion.

Continuously associating your brand to GA2020 will:

  • Promote and encourage your target market to attend
  • Demonstrate your support 
  • Work towards increasing your return on investment
  • Acknowledge your organisation’s involvement and presence within the industry.

Below is further information and helpful tips on how to promote your involvement in GA2020 and the resources available to you.


Marketing Information Kit

Please download the GA2020 Marketing Kit to see a full outline and overview of all marketing collateral provided. 


GA2020 Social Media Content

Click here to download already created social media posts and content. Please feel free to use your own content as well.

GA2020 Logo

*Note, logo must be accompanied by the following words: ‘The image of the Sydney Opera House is used under licence from the Sydney Opera House Trust’.

GA2020 Web Banner

Please add this to your company website to promote your involvement.


GA2020 Electronic Direct Mail

Electronic Direct Mail with all GA2020 recent released updates:

GA2020 Advertisement Copy