Scientific Symposium

Scientific Symposium Themes

GA2023 will address four THEMES:

  • RESILIENCE: Vulnerability – Adaptability – Flexibility.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: Leadership – Sharing – Accountability.
  • RIGHTS: Politics – Ethics – Justice.
  • RELATIONSHIPS: Connection – Kinship – Respect.

In addition, GA2023 will incorporate five CROSSCUTTING TOPICS:

  • Indigenous Heritage
  • Nature-Culture Journey
  • Heritage for Climate
  • Heritage as Sustainability
  • Digital Heritage

The Themes and Crosscutting Topics will offer participants opportunities to be involved in and experience different and intersecting concepts and practices current in the field of heritage conservation.

Further information on the Themes and Crosscutting Topics will be provided in early 2022.


Theme. A key or primary topic. GA2023 is comprised of four Themes.

Session. A block of time (generally one to two hours) dedicated to a sub-topic within a Theme. At times the themes will include parallel sessions.

Format. The arrangement or setup of a session. Formats include paper presentations, short talks, panel discussions, round table discussions (or ‘dialogues’), short field visits (‘walk and talk’), debates, performance, film, posters, or any other format that delegates would like to suggest.

Heritage. A collective term for cultural heritage places (including historic buildings, towns and landscapes), practices, objects and collections.