Sustainability: Towards a sustainable GA2023 


To lead the way in sustainability, ICOMOS has worked with EarthCheck, using their EventCheck process to carry out a detailed policy and process review, as well as data collection and carbon footprinting.

EarthCheck have calculated the carbon footprint for the ICOMOS 2023 General Assembly and Side Events and together with Reforest they have worked out the number of trees required to offset the carbon footprint. The total emissions for the event (excluding transport) were 225,503 kilograms of CO2-e emissions which equates to approximately 188 kilograms of CO2-e emissions per attendee. The total is equivalent to the carbon dioxide offset by 980 trees, based on an emissions offset factor of 230kg/tree.


Accounting for 95% of all emissions, the major contributor to this result was accommodation, whilst venue emissions accounted for just 5% of the total. The venue impact was minimal due to ICOMOS’s choice to work primarily with the International Convention Centre, an EarthCheck certified venue. The ICOMOS carbon footprint is 188 kilograms of CO2-e emissions per attendee. By partnering with Reforest, ICOMOS will offset this event’s accommodation and venue related carbon emissions by planting 1200 trees (including 400 trees provided by Reforest) which equates to a total offset of 276,000kg CO2-e, or 230kg CO2-e per attendee.

Delegates were asked to purchase airline carbon offsets for their flights. Delegates can also purchase trees through Reforest to help offset their carbon footprint from  travel, or contribute to offsetting the flight carbon footprint of others travelling to the GA. Information on how to do this will be available during GA2023.

Given the potential for significant negative impacts from conferences and events, ICOMOS are proud to have partnered with EarthCheck to monitor, measure, and manage our event footprint.

Information has been taken from the ICOMOS Final Report EarthCheck EventCheck

You can help to reduce the GA2023 carbon footprint……

Please fly Qantas and purchase airline carbon offsets – Qantas is proud to be the Official Airline Partner of ICOMOS GA2023. Through their Fly Carbon Neutral Program, Qantas customers are able to support accredited projects that offset their carbon footprint and make a positive impact on our planet. Tick-the-box to Fly Carbon Neutral when booking your flight and when you use cash to fly carbon neutral, Qantas will match your contributions dollar for dollar. GA2023 registered delegates and travel partners can also access discounted Qantas fares on eligible flights via the GA2023 booking portal by entering the password GA2023.

Reusable water bottles and water stations will be provided, but please bring your own reusable cups for hot beverages.

Following GA2023, EarthCheck, our ICOMOS GA2023 Sustainability Patron, will prepare an energy post-audit report. Unavoidable consumption will be offset by purchasing carbon offsets from social and environmental enterprises.

Further details are available in our Sustainability Guide and Aboriginal Procurement Policy. We look forward to seeing you and working together to make ICOMOS events sustainable into the future.